2022 Event Programming!

If you have an event in the Northwoods area that you would like us to share, please email your request to or send us a message on Facebook!

Past Membership Meetings

Fall 2021 – AgendaPresentationMinutes

Spring 2021 – Cancelled because of COVID-19

Fall 2020 – AgendaPresentationMinutes

Spring 2020 – Cancelled because of COVID-19

Fall 2019 – AgendaPresentationMinutes

Spring 2019 – Agenda PresentationMinutes

Fall 2018 – AgendaPresentation Minutes.

Spring 2018 – AgendaPresentationMinutes

Fall 2017 – Minutes

Get Involved & Join Various Groups!

Northwoods Area Parent Network – Network with the neighborhood’s young families for community building, play dates, and more.

NISI/PCG Committee – Northwoods Infrastructure Support and Improvement/ Peachtree Creek Greenway Committee plans and executes neighborhood improvement projects including maintenance of neighborhood signs, ivy clean-up, and more.

NANA Book Club – Join the neighborhood’s book club for books, drinks, and friendship.

Northwoods Disc Golf Association

Doraville Northwoods Womens Group

Doraville Unity Garden (DUG)

DArt: Doraville Art

NANA Welcome Committee – Connects with potential new members and tells them about the benefits of being a part of NANA, helps coordinate the Best Yard Award and Yard of the Month recognition.

Northwoods Area Outdoors Committee – Works on parks, trails, cleanups, and more. If you love spending time in the outdoors with neighbors, this one is for you.

NANA Communications Committee – Maintains website, Facebook page and Newsletter. Solicits content for quarterly newsletter.

NANA Events Committee – Finds volunteers to host community events. Finds people to staff membership table at entrance to events.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the above activities, or if there some project you’re passionate about that’s not listed? Contact and let us help you get involved!

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